Few people remember the names
Of those who fought to abolish slavery
Fewer of us still can recall
The forefathers who thought of democracy
All the heroes who helped this place
No longer have a claim to fame
But the serial killer caught last night?
Everyone knows his fucking name!

The idiot box provides images of murder
We sit there not saying a word
We saw the torment of the great war
But it's in Iraq, a different world!
Doesn't matter kids suffer and die
That's nothing compared to the superbowl
Where a black lady showed her right tit
Now that's shocking, that's way too bold!

The Holy House bashes gays and lesbians
Speaks hatred towards the deviant style
Priests empowered by the good old book
Wonder if it says anything about pedophiles?
But twisting words and meanings
That's just become the common denominator
Of any self-proclaimed righteous group
Lead by another two-bit dictator!

There's always gonna be someone to listen
To even the most disgraceful insanity
And some people protect it at all costs
Claim they fight for this ideal of liberty
Explain liberty in plain and simple words
And how it's meant to serve to destroy others?
Rolling their names in mud and shit,
Feeling safe behind some dumb disclaimer.

What does it matter most can't write?
Phonetic speech is what's in fashion
Works beautiful wonders in the net
Ill literacy right from a connection
Poetry of taste and wit is passé
Who cares for a style Shakespearian?
When I can find out how to kill myself
In the final exit of Kevorkian!

You think you can unsettle people?
Make them feel something emotional?
Then, you must be totally dillusional
Don't you know they've seen it all?
Murder, rape, violence and the rest
Just a movie theatre away
Leisure is best when it's uncreative
Emptiness of meaning the modern way.

We're just little drones of the new age
We've got nothing to learn as all was taught
We fake offense because we all want a forum
And convince ourselves we've got free thought
But it's all prefrabricated, predefined and packaged
And you ask me: Is humanity a failure?
My answer is all too simple on this one
Humanity died with the Generic Culture...