Life teaches to form a tribe around yourself,
So that you feel the comfort of family,
So that you are not left alone and powerless,
Gain a sense of strength in solidarity.

This is one teaching I could not forego,
But I was a misfit in this place,
And despite my eternal ego,
I too need the comfort of a familiar face.

And so a man with no family built one for himself,
With outcasts which thought themselves a wolf pack,
Today, a man remembers and then feels powerless,
Some forgot the blood deals and went off track.

I am one of four, and I am emptiness,
Brothers gone without an honest farewell,
Last man standing in this mess,
And yet I still wish you well.

I have forgiven my brothers,
My anger is never eternal,
But I do miss these shelters,
And I do miss you all.

A promise was broken,
For once I am not guilty,
In your ways mistaken,
It seems you forgot about me.

I am one of four,
Last man standing,
Just like before,
I am still searching...

... on my own, as usual,
for me, a bit too typical.

For Sylvain, √Črik, and Carlos...