Welcome to the Writers' Booth. Feel free to share your original short stories, poetry and essays.

If you're critiquing a contribution:

1. Please don't focus on subject matter. That's for the discussion or debate folders.
2. Be constructive. "This sucks!" (for example) isn't helpful at all. Neither is making fun of spelling or punctuation.

If you're contributing:

1. Try to keep your piece at least PG. There's nothing wrong with erotic literature, but bear in mind that we're searchable and there are children wandering through from time to time. If there's enough interest, I'll set up an "adults only" folder, but for the time being just exercise prudent restraint.
2. Most computers come with a spell check application. You might want to run your work through it first because it makes it so much easier to read if you do.

General rule...have fun, enjoy sharing your work and opinions and thanks for contributing both.