Mac has graciously delved into the massive pile of IOU’s and somehow fooled the bank into financing this addition to the Pub. It seems there are three or four of us here who ride or have an interest in things motorcycle, and it’s nice to have our own little space within which to discuss these matters without getting grease and oil on Mac’s clean bar.
I would ask that the topics posted herein bear at least a passing resemblance to the subject of motorcycling, and warn those that seek advice within the confines of the roll top door to take such advice with a bit of their own research and with the consultation of a mechanic.
Mac has asked me to moderate this forum, as it is a subject that I have some interest in both personally as well as professionally. It’s the perfect thing for a bike nut of my stripe, and I gleefully accept the responsibility to do something else involving this sport that I’ve been hooked on for the last 27 years. So much so that I went and graduated from the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, with locations both in Phoenix, Arizona and Orlando Florida, with a specialty in Honda. I have both completed the Motorcycle Safety Foundations rider course and I am a registered instructor with them as well, having last taught for Team Arizona located in Chandler, Arizona, and I currently struggle to pay my bills as a Motorcycle Funeral Escort, where I average about 150 miles a day in the saddle.
A perfect job for someone who occasionally enjoys those experiences when riding that the police generally frown upon in any other situation.
I have been so infected by the motorcycle bug that I've inflicted it upon my lady love, Torch.
She is the proud owner now of not one, but two bikes and is well on her way to becoming as hooked on the ride as I am.
Enjoy the garage, find a clean spot to sit and tell us your stories, ask us your questions, show us your ride.

Fiery Red

Motorcycle racing and bull riding are the only true sports, the rest are just games. -Hemingway
Eric Sundhiem, in memorial, 09/29/03