Or at least it what I can recall at this time. There is actually a lot more little shit that happens, but this is the Employee Performance and Reporting System, where we have to write our own evals (Cause freaking management is too lazy to even do that) and provide enough details so they feel they are getting what they pay for, even if it is a measly shity little task, all for the grand pay of $36k a year after deductions.

This year I picked up the 'Project crew' as Direct Reports and began working on the scheduling of their daily duties to  establish a minimum level of requirements, a directly supervise their activities This is in addition to my other duties of Cleaning Reagan Main building, doing minor repairs of various equipment, doing building inspections, writing and presenting EPARS for thedirect reports (5FTE's), managing the summer help (Temp Students), finding solutions to situations with the dormitories with respect storage and supplies, scheduling PM's for equipment that are serviced by company repair techs, Training new employees, re-training others that need additional training, researching personal safety equipment for F.T.E.'s, Writing Procedures, completing Safety investigations, attending long term planning meetings for both Summer Conference Housing and Academic year residents. Competency: Communication, Decision Making, Leadership, Managing People, Principles of Community,

The Project crew has several duties which are all minimum levels of required actions on a  weekly basis. In any one day this includes, Vacuuming of whole buildings, Deep and Ready Space extractions of carpets in public areas open to the residents, deep scrubbing of residents and public bathroom floors, cob webbing the outside of the buildings, retrieving the Transportation Buggy, pressure washing the Dorm areas to remove food and other stuff, pick up of trash, compost and recycle bins and totters, all while still leaving enough time to do special projects as the come along on an emergent basis. I have worked with the Level 2 Supervisor to establish the time frames, and priorities of what need to be done, in order to maintain the building and the surrounding areas in an acceptable habitability condition. Each one of those duties requires the use of special equipment not handled by the regular F.T.E.'s. In addition to that we have to sometime use the project team to cover areas when the Regular Custodial staff is out, and still ensure we return to the schedule for all of the above projects. This must all be scheduled and   coordinated with others, including other Custodial staff and Management. The Other duties mentioned above I perform  simultaneously and in conjunction with the Scheduling of the project crew, and can be shifted, mixed and matched to allow me to perform several of these tasks and duties together. If need I have stood in for both the Project Crew and the Sr Custodial FTE’s on occasions when our staffing level sink to extremely low levels in order to keep our area clean and ready for the residents. Duties can include landfill, Compost and recycling audits at the direction of the waste management, and working with the Manager to provide timely reports of Service requests for custodial actions such as Extractions and clean up of spills, bodily fluids, or restoration of areas. I also do researching of Personal Protective Equipment such as Safety masks, goggles, gloves and rain gear. The crews use a variety of chemicals that can cause personal injury if it comes in contact with skin, eyes, or internal organs from accidental ingestion or inhaling and so we insure they have the proper PPE for the task. Also research and order cleaning equipment to identify best usage and practices so as to not waste supplies, and if possible work out Sustainable practices for LEED certified buildings with the equipment. Also have to receive and sign for equipment and supplies making sure that the correct material arrived, and the store the materials and supplies in our area with the limited space that we have.

I am required to check in with my Supervisor and give reports, discussing our service responses to provide better service to our customers, talking with difficult people while maintain principles of community, and work out long term planning for the changes between summer conference housing, and academic residents to clean and prepare between the two in a timely manner. Also I must work to set the example of my workers in completion of my tasks to provide leadership. Often I have to make a decision on priorities on a real time basis as issues and situations arise and communicate them with the crew. I also believe in two way communications and often have the crew give me their ideas on the projects, to provide the personal buy in for their responsibilities and tasks.

Molly say:
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